Methenolone Enathate 100mg/ml

Potency: 100mg/ml

Volume: 10ml

Appearance: Oil based solution

Packing: Supplied in a clear 10ml glass vial with blue flip-off cap & transparent label

Common Dosage: 400mg – 600mg/week

Drug Description

Methenolone Enathate carries one of the highest safety ratings among all anabolic steroids. This steroid is relatively mild and can be safe for both men and women. In fact, the steroid has even been used successfully in premature infants and children in specific therapeutic settings. The hormone is also well-known for having a solid record in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis and sarcopenia, and is a great steroid for treating prolonged corticosteroid exposure. Methenolone has also been used effectively in the treatment of carcinoma, as well as hepatitis in some cases.

  • Methenolone Enathate
  • Manufacturer: FenZ Pharmaceuticals R&D
  • Effective Dose (Men): 300-400mg/week – Performance: 600-1000mg/week
  • Effective Dose (Women): 100-200mg/week
  • Active life: 10-14 days
  • Detection Time: 4-5 weeks
  • Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 88:44-57

* Due to our policy of continuous improvement, the actual product may differ slightly from the one illustrated.
** The colour of the drug solution may vary from batch-to-batch.